10 Clever Tricks Car Salesmen Use That You Should Know How to Handle

Buying a car is an involved process. For many of us, it involves months of research and planning. According to Dealer Refresh, 48% of us spend between one and three months shopping before we make a purchasing decision, and 83% of us conduct online research before buying a car. Sure, we come out of the whole deal with a shiny new vehicle (new to us, at least.) But the process of finding the right car can be frustrating. Consumers report that one of their top frustrations when buying a car is dealing with car salespeople.

Sales is an art, a science, and some may even describe it as a game. The salesman’s object is to convince you that a product or service will improve your quality of life, make your daily life easier, save you time or money, or provide you with a set of benefits you cannot get elsewhere.

 Car salesmen have received somewhat of a bad rep over the years. Some of us have come to imagine a man in a plaid suit, maybe with a mustache and a funny hat, who says to us, “Now see, this is the car for you,” while pointing at the lot’s lemon.

Odds are, when we arrive at the dealership, we’re not going to encounter a car salesman that resembles Danny Devito’s character in Matilda, William H. Macy’s Character in Fargo, or even those guys from the movie The Goods. Most car sales people are just like other workers; they simply want to perform well at their jobs and make decent money.

By the same token, some car salespeople do have a few tricks up their sleeves. Many of them are trained to coax us into impulse buying and making us spend a little more than we originally planned. By talking to experts and reviewing some publications on car selling tactics, we found out some of the tricks car salespeople use to convince us to spend impulsively. You can discover a few car salesmen tricks and information on how to get the upper hand when buying a car on the following link.

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