The BEST Car Cell Phone Holder in the World for Uber Drivers

Hey Guys, I changed the title a little bit but I’m sure the #Uber drivers that are out there will like this will like these units.  I’ll be doing a video shortly to show the one I use in my vehicle! The one I installed also is attached by a magnet and is the best cell phone holder I have had since I started using a cell phone in my car, with the exception of my old Motorola bag phone that was permanently mounted to the dash of my old 96 Neon. Anyone remember those old black handsets with the curly telephone cords attached? Best phone I ever had, at least back then. Better than my old Motorola beige brick (for those of you that remember either of these units).  Now I run smartphone all the way and I hate to say would be lost without it!

Get a cell holder that works for you, is easy to use and is one that you can depend on!

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